Silhouette Cameo Trick: How To Adjust The Blade Without The Ratchet Cap

Help, I Lost My Silhouette Cameo Ratchet Cap!

A super quick post today because I thought this would be helpful to some of my paper crafting friends! I actually do still make crafty things despite the lack of evidence of such things on this blog for the past several months. I was working on cutting out some pretty feathers for our MOPS theme this year and I discovered that I had lost the ratchet cap to my Silhouette Cameo blade. Of course I did. I knew as soon as I opened my Cameo back in December that I was going to lose that flipping cap. Because this is who I … [Read More...]


Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Last week I asked my friend Kaela to pick up some peaches for me at the Farmer's Market. I had an appointment that morning and didn't want to miss out on the last batch of the season.  I am very serious about my peaches, y'all. She said it was only slightly awkward when, after buying her own peaches,  she asked for a separate bag for a friend and the lady asked what names she wanted her to write on them and she had to answer Kaela and...Kayla. She moved last week so I told her I would drive out to pick them up so … [Read More...]


Stuff Scarlette Says #sorrynotsorry

Tea party is Scarlette's newest favorite game. Every week when I pick her up from my dad's house I find them sitting on the back porch with tiny little teacups in hand. Lately she wants me to set her table "fancy" so that she can be like Fancy Nancy so the tea set she got for her tea-party themed birthday this year has been in heavy rotation. I'm in the home stretch of writing for my first book which means I've been fairly absent around here because as it turns out, writing a book and a blog and generally making sure … [Read More...]