How To Teach Your Kids Not To Be Afraid Of The Dark - A FANTASTIC children's book called God Made Light

How To Help Your Kids Not Be Afraid Of The Dark: God Made Light

A few months ago Scarlette started telling us that she was afraid of the dark. That is what she said "I am just a wittle bit afwaid of da dark." She asked us to leave the door to her room cracked each night. We got her a nightlight but she still wanted us to leave the door open. "Like a twiangle" she said, showing me with her hands exactly how much she wanted the door to be left open. This past spring I was having lunch with my friend Jess when she said "Do you want to see the children's book Matthew wrote?" Matthew … [Read More...]


Why It’s Important To Tell Your Story

I'm burying my story in the dirt right now. Hands in the soil and knees sinking in the mud I'm digging deep with this shovel to cover over a legacy. You have to plant the thing for it to bloom.  We traveled to Tennessee, straight through to the end of it where the flat edges meet the river and ground is white with cotton fields. We sat there in my grandmother's garden and the flowers were family, carried from one plot of the land to the next, from my great-great grandmother on. We dug up our story by the roots … [Read More...]


Childhood Conversations and Charlie Brown

Scarlette is still in that innocent phase of childhood where she thinks that everyone is her friend. Sometimes when the windows are open and she hears the neighborhood kids talking, she will run to the window, press her face against the screen and yell "WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU! I'M UP HERE!" And when I try to explain to her that they aren't actually talking TO her, they are just talking and we can hear them she says to me "Yes dey are talking to me. Dey my friends!" The other day they came to up to the house to see … [Read More...]