Scarlette’s Invisible Friends

Scarlette has three invisible friends, possibly four if you count Tyler although Tyler tends to function as more of an alter-ego. Like yesterday she took her shoes off in the car, which is not allowed. Mostly because it drives me crazy to have to wrangle her shoes out from under the seats and put them back on her before we go into a store but also because it holds up preschool car line and APPARENTLY people are really hardcore about preschool car line. I know this because I got reprimanded for doing it wrong and also … [Read More...]

How To Get The Ultimate Healthy Living eBook Bundle For Free!

  Hey y'all, I wanted to quickly share this with y'all this weekend - I bought one of these bundles (The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle) this past year and loved it. They include TONS of helpful e-books from well known authors as well as fun bonus physical products! Next week they are going to be having a flash sale for The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and I am putting it on your radar because they are offering a crazy good referral deal and while the bundle itself is an incredible deal, I really like getting … [Read More...]


The One With All The Feels

I made a new friend recently, which is a sentence that feels weird to say when you are in your thirties. Like, I say that to my three year old "Did you make any new friends today?" Except the thing is, it's kind of hard to make new friends when you are in your thirties and have a toddler and a husband that works weird hours. One of the reasons that I joined the leadership team for my MOPS group was that I figured it would force people to be friends with me. I mean, and because I love Jesus and wanted to serve my … [Read More...]