Autumn Travels and Being Bold

I have never been a very bold person. I know this comes a surprise to you on account of how I used to rock this look. But for the most part, I'm not a big risk-taker. I am more like "Let's analyze all of the risks and then deem this too risky and not do it at all ever, actually" sort of person. Basically, I am the most fun person at an amusement park ever. I mean, everyone likes to take that one friend who just stands at the bottom of all the roller coaster rides and holds their stuff for them. I am very good at that … [Read More...]

Jake and the Neverland Pirates LEGO® DUPLO® adventures

Because Girls Like LEGO®s and Pirates, Too

When Disney Junior offered to send us a Jake and the Neverland Pirates LEGO® DUPLO® set I said yes because Scarlette loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and can often be found wearing an eye patch and growling at us. So I knew that both her and my husband, who kind of digs anything LEGO®, would be excited about it. I, however, had no idea that she was going to be THIS excited: I mean, y'all. Is Christmas going to be the cutest thing ever at my house this year or what? One of the areas where Scarlette is a … [Read More...]


Christmas Catalogs? I Just Solved All Your Gift Giving Problems.

Every year around this time my mailbox starts to fill up with catalogs full of gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Some of them are totally legit ideas for gift giving. And some of them are full of some of the most random assortment of items I have ever seen. And every year the exact same thing happens: I open one of these catalogs and I am immediately hypnotized by the glossy sheen of the pages featuring nonsensical items. I don't even know what comes over me. The first few pages I am scoffing at popcorn … [Read More...]