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Happy Leap Day! You can vote in the poll at the top of this post to be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card from our friends at Green Works. Yay for Leap Day! Here are some of my favorite free printables and other goodies from around the web this week.
free printables and tutorials
1) Free framed monogram
via the wedding chicks:
you can customize the color + letter of this monogram and download it. I made a few of these in different colors & printed them on my  circle label stickers to use in my personal stationery collection + printed a larger one to frame in our living room.

2) Free Easter bird’s nest tutorial + printable via the crafting chicks: cute and delicious. I think maybe I’ll change it to say “closer than my peeps you are to me” because, you know, shorty you’re my angel, you’re my darlin’ angel… (what? I went to high school in the early 2000′s and I want to show the nation my appreciation. Okay, I’ll stop.)

3) Free alphabet flash cards via the handmade home: I plan on printing these and hanging them in the playroom, you know, whenever it becomes a playroom as opposed to “that bare concrete room in the basement.”

4) Free tutorial on how to make candy buttons via sophistimom: HOW TO MAKE CANDY BUTTONS! I LOVE CANDY BUTTONS! EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETELY PERFECT!

5) Four free fox bookmarks via lemon squeezy: sweet little foxes + good books = awesome. I’ll print these on heavy cardstock, laminate them and use them as party favors.

6) Free kitchen decals + tutorial via the painted hive: label obsessed over here. Also? Dishwasher safe. Be still my label making heart.


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      It is embedded from BlogHer so it may not appear if you have ads blocked or your javascript needs an update. I’m sorry! I’ll email them and see if they have any suggestions :)

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        The funny part is, in begging for them, I ignored any negative aspects… Like that you sometimes eat more paper than candy button!!! I want to try this recipe, but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed in them at this age, because I built them up to be so amazing in my mind!

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