Reading, Jewelry, Joy and Giveaways

Seeing Scarlette wander into her room, pull a book down and start reading to herself brings me immense joy in this season.

I’m sharing a little joy with y’all today in the form of two giveaways! I meant to have these up this weekend but we ended up in Urgent Care w/Miss S, who is (no worries) completely fine and spent the day happily carrying around the new pair of flowered shoes that my mother bought her for being such a brave girl. Mommy and Daddy bought her a new toy after the whole ordeal but apparently flowered shoes are the way to my child’s heart.

wednesdays were pretty normal review First, a copy of Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal, which is a fantastic book. If you are a parent of a child who is or has been critically ill, this is a wonderful read. And if you aren’t, it’s still a good read and also an excellent gift for someone who might be going through something like that – Click here to read my full book review and win one of five copies!

the hope pendant from Second is this beautiful pendant necklace,called The Hope Pendant, made from Jerusalem stone. I’ve been wearing mine through this Lenten season to help me remember the seven sacred pauses. I think it would make a great Easter gift for someone special (even if that someone special is you) so click here to read my full review and enter to win one of your own!


  1. says

    Oh my gosh. She is so cute. Such a sweet little voice. You know she’s mimicking her mama’s voice reading to her. My daughter does the same thing (a little older, so with real words and all). Just precious.

  2. Jenny in Wellington, New Zealand says

    Waaaayyyy too cute :) mimicking Mommy’s voice by the sounds of it :) the book reading will pay off heaps! Fabulous little girl :)

  3. says

    Scarlette is such a little ham. She has grown up s much. Love the way you dress her. The bow on her head is adorable.
    Thanks for sharing your little bundle of JOY.

  4. Karalyn says

    I love it when they do this!! It is so cute! :) I love when she looks over at the camera (you) and then goes back to what she is doing.

  5. says

    She is such a doll! Love her sweet little voice and that outfit – too cute! ;)
    So glad all is ok after the trip to urgent care! Have a beautiful week!

  6. lisa - the one that works with Dad says

    such a beautiful girl…. so glad to see her being where she is developmentally. Love it when they read to themselves, and once they are older and they read what they memorize us reading to them it’s just so much fun!!

  7. luda says

    So adorable!! My almost one year old watched it and kept pausing in because she was touching the screen all while chatting along <3

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