I Know How To Party

Nintendo Wii And Babies
One of the kids I taught in Vacation Bible School is grown up now and makes christian rap music. He’d probably be totally mortified if I knew I was linking him on my mommy blog. But ever since I saw his music video on facebook I find myself faux-rapping it all.the.time.

Like, today I put lasagna in the oven and I was all “I know how to party, let me show you how to party.” It’s not at all annoying to my husband. Please expect to see many more rap references in my desperate attempt to stay relevant as I approach 29. Holla!

I am not going to lie to you: I am awesome at Wheel of Fortune. Dang, it feels good to be a gangsta. Jeff and I have watched it together almost every single night since we were first married. That’s five years of Wheel of Fortune practice, y’all. Sometimes I solve a puzzle before Vanna even turns a single letter around.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But the point is, I’m really good. I’m also very humble about it. No I’m not.

Knowing our fondness for Wheel of Fortune, Jeff’s parents bought us the Wii version for Father’s Day. We own a LOT of Wii games and this is by far my favorite. Like, when I invite people over, I’m all “We could grill out AND THEN WE COULD PLAY WII WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!” I know how to party.

Shawn and I grew up together and when she sent over these photos of us from this summer, they cracked me up. It’s like seeing our eight year old selves twenty years in the future. We’re still sitting on the couch playing Nintendo, but this time we each have a baby sleeping on our chests.

Where were our husbands, you ask? Oh I’m so glad you did. They were sitting at the kitchen table PUTTING TOGETHER A PUZZLE.

I mean, there is so much awesome there that I don’t even know where to begin.

Also, if Wii Wheel of Fortune were real life, I’d be writing this to you from HAWAII on my solid gold keyboard because I am killing it on the bonus round right now.

* Digital kit: Romance Me by Michelle Underwood
**Shout out to the FTC: I am affiliated w/Nintendo as a brand ambassador but they didn’t supply this game or ask me to write this post. I just had awesome photos to share.


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    KA, I wish we were neighbors because we love games and puzzles. My daughter (age 7) loves Wheel of Fortune (will have to look into the game for her birthday) and I am a Trivial Pursuit nerd. My college roommate bought me fancy metal pies (no plastic pie pieces in this house, baby!) that don’t get used ever because my husband is not really a game player. *sob* I have approximately 5 set of TP cards. Is this too much information? I hope not. Peace out.

    • says

      I am the champion of FRIENDS trivial pursuit :) We have the nice scrabble board that holds all the tiles in place b/c we are nerdy like that :) Jeff doesn’t like to play with me though, b/c he says I am “annoyingly competitive” whatever that means ;)

  2. says

    WII WHEEL OF FORTUNE?! No effing way. I didn’t know that existed! Aw, I miss our Wii so much more now… Jen and I would spend all night playing Mario Party 8. :P

    We love gaming, we love putting together a puzzle, playing with this or that Lego set… Honestly, we’re big kids and homebodies. Put that together with babies and, um, why don’t we live closer TO YOU?!?!?

  3. says

    Hey, I’m good at Wheel of Fortune, too!!! My husband is the biggest nerd in the world… he can remember any trivia he has ever learned, I’m totally not kidding. He kicks my butt hard at Jeopardy. Wheel of Fortune is the only game I can beat him at.

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