What I Love | June 2012

1) This litograph of Jane Austen’s Emma is actually made from the text of the book. My friend Mary emailed the link to me and when I opened it I was like Yes. Mary gets me.

2) I love these earrings because they are really similar to the Stella & Dot Towne and Reese earrings except that they are actually in my price range. And also because I go through phases where I just really like certain colors. And right now I’m in a blue phase.

3) Maybe this should be titled “What I Covet” because I’ve been eying a Silhouette Cameo for just about ever. Mostly because I read I Heart Organizing every day in an attempt to pretend that I am good at organization and she’s always posting projects using it. And somehow I’m always like “Yes, if I had a Silhoutte it would change my life and my kitchen pantry would be perfectly organized.” Sort of like how I thought when I got married I would magically become a good cook. So Silhoutte owners, tell me your thoughts. Do you love it?

4) Scarlette has discovered playing dress up. She’s constantly pulling out purses or my headbands and necklaces and putting them on and walking around the house in them. I want to make a little dress up center for her like this. You know, because I’m making so much progress on renovating the play room :/

5) Florabella Actions are my favorite go-to action set for photo editing. I’m seriously leaning towards getting the Luxe II set for my birthday. What I really need is a new pair of jeans so you can see where my priorities lie, right?

6) My friend Eileen works in the music industry and asked if I wanted to share a free MP3 download from the What To Expect When You Are Expecting soundtrack with my readers. The song is called Waiting On The Light To Change by Matthew Perryman Jones and I really like it- you can CLICK HERE to download it for free. His new album released this week and Home is my favorite track.

(Also, for my friends that are still in Nashville the release party is tomorrow at Exit/In from 8-11 at and you get a free album if you buy advance tickets – here’s the info. I totally miss that about living in Nashville. Jealous.)

(Some affiliate links included. Also, I totally submitted yesterday’s photo to Ellen- thanks for the tip!)


  1. Jen R. says

    Yes, the Silhouette is awesome and totally worth the cost, and I’ve only used mine for plain old scrapbooking, not kitchen organization :) I’ve made about a billion 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 Project Life journaling cards, plus downloaded some great stuff from the Silhouette store. I love that little machine and I know I don’t use it for half the stuff other people do. Two Peas GS board has a ton of links and ideas, check it out!

  2. libbywilko says

    I covet the silhouette too and I would be interested in hearing other peoples opinions about it too.

    Thanks for the lovely song ! Love the earrings too :)

  3. Stephani in Canada says

    Love the new look of your blog!!! Just wanted to stop in and say that. Bright colors and the photos are so cute!

  4. says

    I love the Silhouette Cameo. I upgraded from the Silhouette SD that I’ve had for almost 4 years.
    I used Swagbucks to buy it so it was pretty much free! That’s the only way I could justify replacing a machine that works just fine.

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