Scarlette Shenanigans: February 2014

shenanigansScarlette’s personality is a constant source of amusement to me. She’s just so incredibly precocious. (If you follow me on facebook or instagram, some of these are repeats and apologies but I haven’t found a place that prints your instagrams in a book with the captions – please clue me in if you know of one!)

1) Scarlette refers to this beach ball as “Bob” and has conversations with it all day long. It is like my own personal live-action version of Cast Away. I heard her chattering during “naptime” and peeked my head in the door to see her having an intense conversation with Bob The Beach Ball while wearing cowboy hats.

2) Scarlette does not walk, she marches. She swings her arms like she’s doing some toddler form of Prancercise. Here is what it is like to take Scarlette to the store: First, she feels the need to play hopscotch on the tiles. This is cute for the first five point three seconds of our trip. Then she proceeds to repeatedly exclaim “WHOA! WHAT IS DIS PWACE? WHAT IS DIS PWACE MOMMY?!” At some point in the trip she notices the little round grates in the floor and is compelled to jump on every single one of them, even if that means yanking free of her mother’s hand so that she can race across the aisle to do so.

Ever the multi-tasker, she manages to strike up a conversation with each and every person that we pass. If that person happens to have white hair she cocks her head to the side and asks “OH! ARE YOU MY GWANDMA?!” Finally, she is so overcome with emotion at being in the dairy section that she bursts forth into a stirring rendition of the hit song Let It Go from Frozen, complete with grandiose hand gestures. It is highly entertaining and not at all exhausting.

 3) I had asked Scarlette to pick up her toys while I loaded the dishwasher and she kept saying “I CAN’T! OH NO! I SHTUCK!” And I thought she was just being silly because presumably there was nothing in our den she could even possibly get stuck in or on. Then I turned the corner and saw this.

4) In the time it took for me to fetch the clean sheets from the dryer, Scarlette made the discovery that a crib mattress turned on its side makes an excellent slide. It’s very possible that she got this idea from my obsession with The Princess Diaries movies. (I do realize that I am thirty.) It’s also possible that this is the perfect photographic evidence of why I can’t get any housework done in a timely manner. (To be fair, I propped a bunch of pillows under it to make it a steeper, even BETTER slide. I am an enabler of cuteness.)

5) Scarlette’s job is to unload all of the grocery bags when we get home from the store. So while I was washing dishes, I asked her to please unload the bags and stack the groceries on the floor. She took those directions quite literally.

6) I kept hearing this random jingling noise all morning long and could not figure out where in the world it was coming from. After a bit of detective work I discovered that Scarlette had filled her pajama pockets with quarters. Later that same morning I discovered that she had smashed her piggy bank in what I can only assume was a desperate attempt to get said quarters out.

( Lest you think that this list was an all-encompassing one, I’m ending at six as an arbitrary number because someone who shall remain nameless just thought that it would be a good idea to pour her entire cup of almond milk in the floor to “Make an ocean for Nemo”.)

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  1. Jacky says

    That kid is absolutely priceless. And I agree with Angieleigh; there is SUCH a book there! You owe it to the world. lol

  2. Jan Connair says

    Yes, a children’s book series with Scarlette as the main character would be wildly successful. Think Junie B. Jones, Ladybug Girl, Ramona! When I put these books on display at the library, we get cleaned out in a couple of hours. Angieleigh has made a scathingly brilliant suggestion.

  3. phyllis says

    Enjoy reading Scarlett’s shenanigans :) A great reminder of how she finds happiness and fun in just about anything. It’s precious.

  4. Jenna says

    Not a book, but you can print out your instagram pictures at with the option to have the original captions printed on the back…could make them into a book with clear page protectors? I’ve used the company myself and am very pleased with the product!