Scarlette’s Invisible Friends


Scarlette has three invisible friends, possibly four if you count Tyler although Tyler tends to function as more of an alter-ego. Like yesterday she took her shoes off in the car, which is not allowed. Mostly because it drives me crazy to have to wrangle her shoes out from under the seats and put them back on her before we go into a store but also because it holds up preschool car line and APPARENTLY people are really hardcore about preschool car line. I know this because I got reprimanded for doing it wrong and also because of that lady who made a very unfriendly gesture at me when I ACCIDENTALLY went out of turn on account of how I … [Read more...]

How To Get The Ultimate Healthy Living eBook Bundle For Free!

  Hey y'all, I wanted to quickly share this with y'all this weekend - I bought one of these bundles (The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle) this past year and loved it. They include TONS of helpful e-books from well known authors as well as fun bonus physical products! Next week they are going to be having a flash sale for The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and I am putting it on your radar because they are offering a crazy good referral deal and while the bundle itself is an incredible deal, I really like getting things for free ;) This particular bundle is full of  healthy living books and I am most excited to read the DIY bath, … [Read more...]

The One With All The Feels


I made a new friend recently, which is a sentence that feels weird to say when you are in your thirties. Like, I say that to my three year old "Did you make any new friends today?" Except the thing is, it's kind of hard to make new friends when you are in your thirties and have a toddler and a husband that works weird hours. One of the reasons that I joined the leadership team for my MOPS group was that I figured it would force people to be friends with me. I mean, and because I love Jesus and wanted to serve my fellow man and all. But also because of the friendship. And because I really like to glitter things. Recently we all went on a … [Read more...]

Help, I Lost My Silhouette Cameo Ratchet Cap!

Silhouette Cameo Trick: How To Adjust The Blade Without The Ratchet Cap

A super quick post today because I thought this would be helpful to some of my paper crafting friends! I actually do still make crafty things despite the lack of evidence of such things on this blog for the past several months. I was working on cutting out some pretty feathers for our MOPS theme this year and I discovered that I had lost the ratchet cap to my Silhouette Cameo blade. Of course I did. I knew as soon as I opened my Cameo back in December that I was going to lose that flipping cap. Because this is who I am. I am the girl who loses her house keys, favorite earrings and tiny pieces to important machinery. I tried to just … [Read more...]

Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Last week I asked my friend Kaela to pick up some peaches for me at the Farmer's Market. I had an appointment that morning and didn't want to miss out on the last batch of the season.  I am very serious about my peaches, y'all. She said it was only slightly awkward when, after buying her own peaches,  she asked for a separate bag for a friend and the lady asked what names she wanted her to write on them and she had to answer Kaela and...Kayla. She moved last week so I told her I would drive out to pick them up so that I could see her new place and drop off her housewarming gift. We were texting about directions when she wrote "Note: you … [Read more...]

Stuff Scarlette Says #sorrynotsorry


Tea party is Scarlette's newest favorite game. Every week when I pick her up from my dad's house I find them sitting on the back porch with tiny little teacups in hand. Lately she wants me to set her table "fancy" so that she can be like Fancy Nancy so the tea set she got for her tea-party themed birthday this year has been in heavy rotation. I'm in the home stretch of writing for my first book which means I've been fairly absent around here because as it turns out, writing a book and a blog and generally making sure Scarlette stays out of shenanigans is a whole lot more work than I bargained for. And #stuffscarlettesays has been on a bit … [Read more...]

Book Club Read: Little Mercies

Little Mercies Book

(This is a sponsored post and you can skip it if you are very against sponsored posts but maybe not if you like to read books because this was seriously the best book I read this summer and you should definitely add it to your Goodreads list) Let me tell you a story about book clubs. One time my best friend decided to join a book club. She had just moved to a new town and thought it would be a good way to make some friends. And it totally would be. Except for that when she got her first invitation with all of the details she learned that the book they were reading that month was a New York Times Best Seller. It was also totally one of the … [Read more...]

The Blessing Of Blackberry Bushes

Scarlette snapping freshly picked green beans from the farm

I grew up spending the summers in rural Tennessee. My great-grandparents' house sat across from the cotton fields and just down the road from the lake. The town they lived in was so small that it was home to just one of everything, one grocery store, one gas station and one single traffic light. (Well, except for the churches. There are three of those on account of how it is smack in the middle of the Bible Belt.) Those summers were spent sitting on the sun porch snapping green beans for dinner, picked fresh from the backyard garden.  It was my job as a little girl and now it is my little girl's job. We would carry tin buckets to the … [Read more...]

Over The River and Through The Woods


I had some work in Nashville last week so I packed up Scarlette and we took a little road trip. I learned a very valuable lesson about traveling with toddlers which was that while it may be a good idea to pack crayons and a coloring book for your tiny tot, it is NOT a good idea to leave said crayons in the car seat when you stop for lunch if it is ninety-odd degrees outside. Apparently wax melts. It is super fun to try and corral a three year old in a parking lot while you are simultaneously attempting to wipe melted wax off of the interior of your car  with a handful of baby wipes in the middle of rural Tennessee. On the plus side, … [Read more...]