“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” | Free Fall Printable

"I"m So Glad I Live In A World Where There Are Octobers" Free Fall Printable

Happy first of October! I love this quotes from Anne of Green Gables: "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" October really is my favorite month, autumn in the south is splendidly beautiful and there are so many fun fall activities in the community to enjoy with Scarlette. I had this printed at Staples on heavy overstock. I went through Ebates and ordered online so it only cost about sixty cents and it was definitely worth it. The colors were crisp and the ink was just slightly glossy so it looks great framed. And to celebrate the fact that I turned in my manuscript and will now hopefully be much less scarce … [Read more...]

How To: Make Your Own Flannel/Felt Board (+ Free Printables)

make your own flannel board, DIY felt board

I do "preschool" at home with Scarlette and one of the things I wanted to do with her was play with a flannel board (some people call them felt boards.) I'm old school like that. No pun intended. But I did not want to pay for a flannel board because I am also thrifty. So I googled "make your own flannel board" and found a couple of variations on how to DIY it. This is what I ended up doing. First, I purchased two 16x20 stretched artist canvases from the local craft supply store (the framed ones that look like this). This is what I went out on Black Friday for this year, to score good deals on the supplies for this project. It cost $11 … [Read more...]

A DIY Holiday | Color-A-Magnet Personalized Gift (+ Free Printable Template)

DIY photo magnets, DIY colored magnets

Since I had a batrillion leftover magnet sheets from my calendar project, I tried to think of lots of different ways to use them up. I decided to make personalized photo magnets that Scarlette could color on and that I could include in our Christmas cards for out-of-town relatives. Basically I just made a little template in photoshop, printed on heavy cardstock and then stuck that to the sticky side of my adhesive magnet sheets. Then I let Scarlette color or paint with glitter paints on them. She doesn't quite grasp the whole "color inside the lines" thing yet since we're still working on things like "how to hold a crayon" and "no feeding … [Read more...]

A DIY Holiday Gift | Calendar Sticker Magnets + Free Template

free printable magnetic calendar labels

Last year I finally turned all of the Pottery Barn gift cards that I had been hoarding into this daily calendar system, which Jeff lovingly installed in the office for me. (I say "lovingly" because he probably doesn't want me to tell you about all the pseudo-cursing he did while trying to make it level. Also, you can see it here.) The idea for this project has been in my head ever since, except that here's the thing: I don't know how all the DIY bloggers do it, the ones who have like, three point four kids and still manage to make a bed out of fruit cartons over the weekend or something. I have one kid and I am all "CRAFTS? I PAINTED … [Read more...]

Free Printable Label Cards | Project Life

Free Printable Journaling Cards for Project Life

I made this set of journaling cards to use in my project life album so I saved it as a PDF so that y'all could print it out too! The title card is 4x6 and the journaling cards are 3x4. You can see them in my album here. Just click this link to download: KAjournalingcards_labels_january2012 *thanks to pixels & ice cream for the free damask background … [Read more...]

Free Printable Calendar Stickers

Free Printable Calendar Stickers

  Click this link to download: KAT_calendar_stickers My husband and I use these to keep track of dates on our calendars. The little blue man marks his events and the little pink girl marks mine. If you've purchased a calendar to give as a gift this year, include these stickers with it! They coordinate with this label set from Avery! To use: Download the calendar stickers and print onto sticker paper or coordinating Avery Label Stickers (Avery # 8867) Be sure when you print to UNCHECK the button that says “Center Image” … [Read more...]