#stuffscarlettesays | Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


There is a story in the Bible about Sarah, who struggled with infertility, longingly waiting years for a child. When she gave birth to her son Isaac she said "God has blessed me with laughter" And to all of that I would just like to say AMEN. ♥ I took Scarlette into a bathroom stall with me at Target. I don't even need to finish this story, do I? Oh but I will. The second I sat down she took off crawling into the stall next to us yelling "OH HAI WHAT YOU DOIN? ARE YOU JUST GOIN TINKLE IN DA POTTY? DO YOU NEED TO WIPE YOUR BA..." as I desperately attempted to pull her back by the hood of her jacket while attempting to remind her about … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | We’ll Just Call You “Larry”


(Anytime the instructor tells the class something, Scarlette goes "BUT WHY?!" complete with dramatic hand gestures. Also, she is enjoying dressing herself lately. Obviously.) Lately Scarlette's phrasing has been what is making me laugh. For example, if I ask her what she wants for breakfast I am met with a variation of these responses: Scarlette: Mommy, I am still bery hungwy. KA: Okay, would you like a bagel or some toast? Scarlette: Well, actuawwy I suppose I would just wike some wittle bit of eggs. or I want goldfish and fwench toast, dat is weally what I NEED for my body. or Well (huge dramatic sigh as though this is a … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | Bedtime Prayers


A peek into our week. I tried to tell y'all that somehow Lucy Dog manages to photobomb basically every picture ever taken in this house. Scarlette is talking so much lately and sometimes she even makes sense. Around her third birthday I started curling up next to her at night and saying a bedtime prayer. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the day because it's a sweet, sacred time but also because Scarlette's prayers are hilarious (and okay, also because I'm real exhausted.) Like this one: "Fank you God dat I have fingersh, fibe of dem, one, two, fwee, four, fibe. And dat my mommy has shum fingers and my mommy wouldn't … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | Potty Talk


I don't know about y'all but I adore that child. And in addition to being cute, she's also hilarious. Here are some of her latest comments and antics for your enjoyment as I drink another cup of coffee to prepare for the level of energy that is going to invade this house when she wakes up. Scenario: I just gave Scarlette a yellow M&M.  Scarlette: Um, now I want a bwown one! KA: Well, you only get to have one M&M and you just ate it! Scarlette: No, Mommy! Da bwown MinAMin ish for my MOUF! KA: Well, your mouth doesn't need any more M&Ms right now *she leaves and comes back a few minutes later carrying a … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | Mommy Two BellyButtons


A bird has built a nest on our front porch and we spend a lot of time watching her sit on her eggs. We're waiting for her to come back when a fly lands on the window. KA: Look Scarlette! Do you see the birdie? SCARLETTE: No. But I shee dat tuhrtle. Points to the fly. * I overreact to something Scarlette does. I know this probably shocks all of you. KA: Scarlette, Mommy's sorry that she raised her voice like that. I overreacted. SCARLETTE: Um, yeth Mommy. You did. * I ask Scarlette to come help me with something but don't tell her exactly what. She follows me into the bedroom. SCARLETTE: Hi Daddy! J: Hi Scarlette, what are … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays |You Got It, Dude


I confess that I taught her to say "You Got It, Dude!" because I can't take her anywhere without people stopping to tell me that she looks "just like that baby from Full House." The rest of this stuff she came up with all on her own, y'all. Scarlette just broke something and I was frustrated so I said "SCARLETTE!" and she threw her hands up and replied "What da heck? You welcome!" like "Woman, why aren't you appreciating what I just did here?" I gave Scarlette an M&M and she said "YEAH! NOW I HAPPY! I SO HAPPY M&M! When Scarlette woke up this morning, she said "Oh, um hi. I wan two suhpwises" (I want two surprises) … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In


- She currently loves all things monkeys, which she calls "muggys."  I took her to a playdate and the first thing she said to the other little girl was "Oh, um, hi. Do you wuv muggys?" - We don't allow her to watch WordGirl but she is obsessed with the previews and begs us to let her watch it all day long. I think it is because there is a monkey in it. So she lays down in our bed and pretends to be asleep, saying "Oh, I sweepin! Ahshoo, ahshoo." Then she throws the covers off, jumps up and and screams "OH NO! IT BITE ME ! IT BITE ME!" And when I asked "What bit you, baby?" she said "WUHDGUHL! WUHDGUHL BITE ME WHISE I SWEEPIN!" And THEN … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | Feels Good To Be A Gangsta


This is another new little series I plan on incorporating here. I have my blog printed in book form each year so I want to keep a running list of all the funny toddler talk that is going on in our house. My favorite is that she has a bit of lisp, so that her S's are pronounced with a G or an SH. For her birthday she got an overstuffed chair, which we refer to as her seat, and two months later she is still exuberant about it. Whenever we have people over, she points excitedly to it while yelling "Dat ma shi-yit! DAT MA SHI-YIT!" She's very gangsta. Here are some other funny things she has said lately: "Mama! I shi-yit on Midder … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | Booka, Booka

Scarlette is tugging at my pants leg saying "Shad. Shad! SHAD! SHAADDD!!!!" and bewildered, I respond "I have no idea what you are trying to tell me. Show mommy what you want." So she runs to her room and starts pointing at her bookshelf saying "BOOKA! SHAD! BOOKA BOOKA SHAD!" And I'm still at a total loss here because for the most part when she wants me to read a certain book to her, she tells me at least one word in the book's title. Like how every single night at bed time she starts yelling "YAMA! YAMA!" after we brush her teeth and then when I pull out Llama, Llama Red Pajama she jumps up and down with excitement yelling "CHIT-UN … [Read more...]