Sensory Issues & Scarlette’s Big Girl Room


Scarlette hates blankets. That's basically the gist of things, for months we had been trying to get her to sleep with various blankets and each and every one of them would end up thrown in the floor. Even if I snuck in long after she was asleep and tucked her in I would hear her moving minutes later, glance at the monitor, and see all of the blankets on the floor. And even with warm footie pajamas I worried that she wasn't warm enough, mostly because she was waking up to complain to me that she was cold.  Her yellow blanket was the only one she would tolerate but she was getting a bit too big for it, it is more of a lovey than a snuggle-under … [Read more...]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all the joy of this grace-drenched day Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection - 1 Peter 1:3 … [Read more...]

“And that ended my professional career as a bobsledder” #TBT


Today for Throwback Thursday I'm reposting a story I wrote several years ago about one of my favorite childhood memories.  When I was younger, I used to live with my grandparents. Every year on the first of June my parents would drive me to their house in Tennessee and every year I stayed until the day before school started in September. This began the year that I turned five. My baby sister was desperately ill, in the hospital for weeks on end, my mother sleeping in a cot next to her and my father working overtime to pay for that extended hospital visit. This turn of events was horrid for me, as I worried a lot and was also … [Read more...]

DIY Homemade Coconut Sugar Scrub Bars

diy sugar scrub bars, homemade coconut sugar scrub bars

I've been playing around with making some DIY bath and body products and wanted to share. These would make a super cute Mother's Day gift packaged up in glass jar. It is possible that I know this because I might have made some for my own mother. (Spoiler alert, mom!) And also for myself. I mean, I'm a mom so that is legit. I made coconut mint bars but you can just switch out the essential oil for whatever scent you prefer, like lavender. DIY Sugar Scrub Bar Supplies: (some affiliate links included, ty!) 1/4 cup coconut oil - I recommend this one. I've also used the Trader Joes brand which smells really coconut-y. 1/2 cup Melt and … [Read more...]

Day In The Life | April 2014

day in the life

6:25 AM – Make salted caramel chai, read Known & Loved by for my morning devotion and do some work before Scarlette wakes up. Don’t let this pretty scene fool you. About three days a week I sleep in until Scarlette wakes me up. The rest of the time I try to get up before her so that I can start my day in peace. Yesterday I woke up to a basketball being hurled at my head and Scarlette saying “OH GOOD MORNING MOMMY I GOT YOU DIS COCONUT FOR BWEAKFAST!” Hence the importance of attempting to wake up before her. 7:45 AM – Breakfast time. Waffles, smoothie and blueberries for Scarlette, bagels slathered in cream cheese and jam for me. I also … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday | Homecoming Primer


♥ Three years ago we rolled a bright pink coat of paint on the walls at her father's insistence. He saw her and he wanted to create a space for her, something bright and beautiful and befitting. I dipped a brush in the paint to cut in closely around the corners, the crisp white of trim, the sharp edges echoing a pulsing pain in my heart. What if she never came home to this room? We worked shoulder to shoulder in quiet, hushed by the thought, creating a place for her as we rolled out all of our love onto the walls in candy pink. When we finished we were marked with it, spatters of paint covering our clothes and we could wash these … [Read more...]

57 Thoughts Every Mom Has While Attending Their First Playgroup


Lately I've been loving some of the funny lists floating around, such as 53 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping At Target, and so I decided to compile my own list, drawn from my incredibly awkward experiences when I was searching for a playgroup.  57 Thoughts Every Mom Has While Attending Their First Playgroup I haven't wanted to make friends so badly since I was in junior high school. At least I don't have to be worry about being judged on my outfit now that I'm an adult. Am I the only one here wearing yoga pants? Why isn't anyone else wearing yoga pants? I thought yoga pants were basically THE mom uniform? Is that woman … [Read more...]

The Smallest Things | Free Printable

free printable A.A. Milne Quote, sometimes the smallest things printable

This week marks the anniversary of the day we brought Scarlette home from the hospital after spending nearly six months in the NICU. And so in honor of celebrating our homecoming day, I asked my friend Jen Kinkade, who does amazing calligraphy, to hand letter one of my favorite quotes. She gave me permission share it on my site as a free printable, so you can click this link to download it (for personal use only) if you would like: AAMilnePrintable_KA ♥ In honor of Scarlette’s homecoming celebration we will be walking in our local March For Babies on April 26, to support other families and raise awareness. If you would like to make a … [Read more...]

Giving, Goodwill and Girly Shoes

donating to goodwill #sponsored post

This is a sponsored post that was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.My friend Christine is the author of a book called Minimalist Parenting, which advocates for acquiring mindfully and includes lots of tips on decluttering your life. I am not at all minimalist, I tend toward hoarder which is why I WANT to be minimalist and have spent the past couple of years striving towards that goal. I'm pretty sure it is something that happens when you have kids, sometime in that first year you look around at all of the accumulation of stuff that comes along with having a baby and you're like DONATE ALL THE … [Read more...]