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    Hi Kayla Aimee,

    My name is Lisa Frank and I’ve been following you for a few months now. I first came to your blog via Pinterest, when I was researching how to install my WordPress blog. The first day I visited, I clicked on Scarlette’s story and found myself reading every.single.entry! As a mother of a little guy with serious medical issues, I can totally relate! My son James was born preemie at 3lbs 3oz and after a week in the NICU with lots of complications, he developed NEC (I’m SO glad to hear that Scarlette didn’t!). He had emergency surgery and we found out that 90% of his small intestines had already died, leaving him with the bare minimum for survival. He swelled so much during surgery and was so fragile that they couldn’t close the incision across his whole abdomen, so he was left with an ostomy bag on one side, a tube on the other side marking the end of his small intestine, and an open wound that took 2 months in the NICU to heal. He went through PDA Ligation surgery, putting in a central line for TPN, and was on CPAP and an NG tube. He spent 3 months in the NICU, which luckily was near our home (Portland, OR), because my husband and I had to trade off daily to take care of our then-three-year-old daughter, too. We had to fight hard to finally bring him home and the medical care we had to learn was quite overwhelming! He was hooked up to TPN and a feeding tube for 20-24 hours a day, we had to change his ostomy bag daily, I learned to put in his NG tube, and we had a nursing visit weekly for his central line dressing change, bloodwork, etc. I had always hated doctors and hospitals, but when you are fighting for your child’s life, you do what you gotta do, right?! Fast forward through years of doctor visits, medical supplies, therapy,etc. and James just celebrated his 4th birthday! He had intestinal reconnection surgery at 9 months, was able to go off TPN at 2 years old, and still has a Mickey button but only needs it once a month or so when he gets sick and his appetite decreases. He is still on Pediasure Peptide 1.5 medical formula orally, but eats whole foods just fine. I know you know how remarkable that all is! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. It’s rare to find a mom who has gone through similar struggles and I felt a connection with you because of that. :)

    I do have a question about blog design for you as well. I see that you’re using Pretty Darn Cute Design’s Modern Blogger template. I just bought her Modern Blogger Pro template (just released) and I’ve never, ever set up a WordPress blog before, so even with her instructions I’m having a heck of a time installing it…like to the point of tears! :( (Blog design is definitely a new language that I know nothing about!) I’m starting a blog called Handcrafted Parties (I’m a party stylist and DIY crafter) and I already have partnerships lined up that are waiting for me to get this blog up and running so I can showcase projects for them, so I’m on a deadline. I don’t have the $450 that Pretty Darn Cute Design would charge me to install the blog (yikes!), so I was wondering if the tutorials you have on your site would also work for the Modern Blogger Pro version? Your screen shots and descriptions are a lot more helpful than hers. :) Also, do you still offer installation services, or could you recommend someone that does? I have a graphic designer friend working on my header/logo and graphics, but I need help with getting my blog’s functionality up and running: subscribe via email, RSS feed, enabling comments, recent Pinterest pins on sidebar, etc. If you have any resources that could help me, I’d be SOOO appreciative!!

    Thanks much,
    Lisa Frank


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