Here are answers to some frequently asked questions from blog readers!

Q. How did you meet your husband?
A. I met him in school, but we didn’t start dating until years later. You can read our entire love story here (warning: it’s quite long and always makes me cry)

Q. What’s the deal with having two first names?
A. It’s a southern thing. Only people very close to me call me both names (like my BFF Laura Anne). Most people call me Kayla or KA. When I first started scrapbooking, my maiden name was Fox. When I googled my name to start my blog, there was a film star of the adult variety with both my first and last name and so it was easier for me to use Kayla Aimee. I didn’t think my blog readers would like to accidentally stumble upon the um, actress’s website.

Q. What designer was your wedding dress?
A. It is by Anjolique and it is style number 403 in ivory over gold.

Q. Where did you get married/how did you make your programs/lots of other wedding related questions!
A. All of our wedding information/vendors can be found here and here.

Q. What color did you paint your kitchen/dining room/bedroom?
A. All of our paint is by Valspar from Lowes (b/c we had a coupon!)
Kitchen: Woodrow Wilson Putty
Living Room/Dining Room/Foyer: Oatbran
Living Room/Dining Room Back Wall: Safari Beige
Master Bedroom: La Fonda Antique Red
Scrapbook Room: Warm Fog

Q. What kind of camera do you use?
A. For my 27th birthday my family went in together and got me my first DSLR. Here is a post all about my Nikon and the rest of my favorite camera gear.

Q. How did you refinish the antique dining room furniture?
A. I’ll be doing a post on that soon so stay tuned!

Q. Where did you get the red piece of furniture in your scrapbook room?
A. It is Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet that I found at an antique store in Franklin, Tennessee. I highly recommend it as an art desk if you can find one. It’s really sturdy and has tons of room for storage.

Q. How did you make the curled paper/glitter Christmas tree?
A. I finally got these You can see the free tutorial for the paperback christmas trees here though!

Q. Are you still teaching the Bling Out Your Blog Class?
A. I do not have it on the calendar as a live class again at the moment but do have plans to offer it as a blog series in the future. For now you can get the “how to make money blogging” portion of the class in e-book here.

Q: Do you offer blog designs/blog makeovers for others?
A: I do offer blog designing for blogger, typepad, & self-hosted wordpress on a limited basis. I typically am only able to take one or two projects on per month because of this crazy little toddler running around. You can shoot me an email if you would like more information or would like to be placed on my design calendar!

Q. Can I advertise on your blog?
A. I currently only use the BlogHer ad network for my ad space in order to maximize my time with my family. I do offer the option of a product review/giveaway on a very limited basis for small indie businesses. You can email me to learn more!

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