Mothers Of Daughters: #surprisedbymotherhood

#surprisedbymotherhood, Surprised By Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker

Exactly three years ago this week I left the hospital with my daughter for the very first time after spending almost six months in the NICU. I have been constantly surprised ever since. It’s like a perpetual state of emotion. I should see it coming, expect the antics, but I don’t. She has been a feisty little thing since the moment they lifted her from my womb, trying to breathe on her own with lungs that hadn’t even finished developing and kicking legs that were no bigger than my index finger. You can read this post, The Red Letter Mystery Of Maple Syrup, in it's entirety over at Mothers of Daughters today, where we are sharing our … [Read more...]

The Smallest Things | Free Printable

free printable A.A. Milne Quote, sometimes the smallest things printable

This week marks the anniversary of the day we brought Scarlette home from the hospital after spending nearly six months in the NICU. And so in honor of celebrating our homecoming day, I asked my friend Jen Kinkade, who does amazing calligraphy, to hand letter one of my favorite quotes. She gave me permission share it on my site as a free printable, so you can click this link to download it (for personal use only) if you would like: AAMilnePrintable_KA ♥ In honor of Scarlette’s homecoming celebration we will be walking in our local March For Babies on April 26, to support other families and raise awareness. If you would like to make a … [Read more...]

#stuffscarlettesays | Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


There is a story in the Bible about Sarah, who struggled with infertility, longingly waiting years for a child. When she gave birth to her son Isaac she said "God has blessed me with laughter" And to all of that I would just like to say AMEN. ♥ I took Scarlette into a bathroom stall with me at Target. I don't even need to finish this story, do I? Oh but I will. The second I sat down she took off crawling into the stall next to us yelling "OH HAI WHAT YOU DOIN? ARE YOU JUST GOIN TINKLE IN DA POTTY? DO YOU NEED TO WIPE YOUR BA..." as I desperately attempted to pull her back by the hood of her jacket while attempting to remind her about … [Read more...]

Giving, Goodwill and Girly Shoes

donating to goodwill #sponsored post

This is a sponsored post that was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.My friend Christine is the author of a book called Minimalist Parenting, which advocates for acquiring mindfully and includes lots of tips on decluttering your life. I am not at all minimalist, I tend toward hoarder which is why I WANT to be minimalist and have spent the past couple of years striving towards that goal. I'm pretty sure it is something that happens when you have kids, sometime in that first year you look around at all of the accumulation of stuff that comes along with having a baby and you're like DONATE ALL THE … [Read more...]

Five To Follow: Disney’s The Pirate Fairy & Favorite Pinterest Boards

on our honeymoon at Disney World

My husband and I spent the first half of our honeymoon at Disney World. Never having visited as a child, it was my first time and I completely loved it. I totally became one of THOSE Disney people, the ones who really do think that Disney World is one of the most magical places on Earth. Obviously, I can't wait to take Scarlette, what with her love of all things Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear and so it's possible that I may have several Pinterest boards dedicated to all things Disney, like this one on Disney Vacation Tips. I'm trying to decide if she will remember the trip if we plan it about a year from now, when she would be four … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Now & Then


Because I snuck some shots of Scarlette playing with her blocks on the back porch and then remembered that she did that basically every single day the first summer that we got them, so I dug up those photos too. Obviously she has started having an opinion on her outfits since then. And by "opinion" I mean she wears those rain boots all the time. Even to bed. I don't let her wear them to bed. But I find in her bed with them on over her footie pajamas. Yesterday she did not wear her rainboots to the store, although she DID wear her bunny rabbit house slippers. I have not chosen "appropriate footwear" as a battle is what I am saying. … [Read more...]

Fly Away: Good Reads & A $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Book Review: Fly Away by Kristin Hannah sponsored post

Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors. I loved her novel Firefly Lane and was excited to review Fly Away, in partnership with BlogHer. Get to read a book by one of my favorite authors and give away a $100 Visa gift card to one of my readers? Please and thank you. It's totally not an April Fool's joke. The story in Fly Away is centered on friendship, the kind of unbreakable bond that is forged over a lifetime of sharing secrets and the kinds of relationships that remind me of these girls:  The friends that stand up with you at the altar to share your joy and stand by you in a hospital room to share your grieving. The ones who have … [Read more...]

Random Life Around Here

turkish delight candy

* I've been reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe aloud to Scarlette. I did not intend to do this and will likely repeat it in a few years when she is old enough to appreciate the story more. What happened was, I usually read out loud to her while she eats her morning snack. Except one morning we were having a picnic outside and I forgot to bring any of her books out with us and I didn't want to trek her peanut-butter covered self back into the house with me to retrieve one so I just started reading the only children's book on my kindle, which happened to be The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Turns out, Scarlette loved it and … [Read more...]

Scarlette The Science Kid


My three year old daughter goes to science class once a week. Before anyone gets all ragey at me about forcing some sort of academia on her at such a young age, let me just say two words: eleven dollars. The class costs eleven dollars for six weeks of one hour sessions. ELEVEN DOLLARS Y'ALL. That's less than two dollars per class, which is math that even I can do. It's basically the most affordable babysitting ever. The class itself focuses mostly on learning about nature and doing fun experiments. I wondered if she might be a little too young for it, even though she fell within the age range, but I enrolled her anyhow because I knew … [Read more...]