Scarlette’s Story

Scarlette’s story is filled with numbers.

She was born on November 7, 2010.

It was 3.5 months before her due date.

She weighed 1 pound 8.6 ounces.

She spent 156 days in the NICU.

She came home 5.5 months later on April 12, 2011.

And all of those numerical markers just punctuate the beauty of her story, the one in which we meet our daughter and finally bring her home.

Prior to giving birth, I didn’t know that people could go into labor that early. I had never heard the term “micro-preemie.” I had never seen the inside of a NICU. I had never seen a baby with a feeding tube, let alone insert one.

I chronicled a lot of Scarlette’s story on my blog as it unfolded and I am sharing it here in hopes that it helps other families who find themselves in our situation. I had so many questions and wanted to read anything I could get my hands on when we first found ourselves staring down a lengthy NICU stay. Please feel free to email me if you have questions, I love talking to other parents with similar experiences.

Here is a post I wrote for World Prematurity Day that I hope helps to encourage women to not only know the signs of pre-term labor but to trust themselves, even if you think it’s all just in your (slightly neurotic) head. Because sometimes it isn’t and all of the sudden you are having a baby and you aren’t even at week twenty five.

You can read all of the posts I wrote about Scarlette while was in the NICU here.

You can also read the medical journal I kept while she was in the NICU, her birth story and some of the books/products I found helpful.

We’re so indescribably grateful to everyone who has kept our sweet girl in their prayers.

Photos of Scarlette - birth through present (9mos) <- Y’all! She’s almost three. First of all, hallelujah. Second of all, I have obviously neglected my blog in favor of my daughter. I feel fine about that ;) 
Please do not use without permission. (Unless you are family, Aunt Connie ;) You totally have permission)
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  1. Tiffany says

    Bless your hearts! What a journey. I’m aunt to 29 weeker triplets and know of the ups and downs with preemies. They’re 5 now! Best wishes to your family, your blog is lovely!

  2. Beth Boissonneault says

    Beautiful story, made me cry and remember all that we went through. Our “Banana” was born at 26 weeks, 2.5lbs but dropped to 1.7 the next day. Spent 3 months in NICU and we had 3 years of Isolation (basically). She is now 15, happy, healthy, straight A’s, a musical genius (perfect pitch) plays guitar, bass, vocals and violin and is a treasure! I remember back in 1998 when we had her, my husband and I were out shopping and we started talking to an older man about our daughter and he pulled out a picture of his 14 yr. old granddaughter and told us almost the same identical story as I’m relaying to you – it always stuck with us and we have been so blessed to tell this happy story! Beautiful way to tell your daughter’s story and so powerful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Amazing story and beautiful miracle that precious baby is!! I cannot even imagine all you went through during that terrifying and critical season of your lives. I thank God that I can read stories of her at three years old now… and I thank God that you have survived and endured such trauma- and that God has blessed you with a thriving loving compassionate adorable smart and oh so perfect in every way- child.


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